Delivering a people strategy using The GC Index

Do you have a people strategy/vision for your organisation?  If the answer is no, then that’s perhaps the first step. They don’t have to be overly complicated, in fact the best ones tend to be simple statements. Above all they need to be easy to communicate and something for the organisation to rally around.

If you have your strategy the next question is how do you turn it into a reality i.e., what are you going to do and who is going to do it?

People Transformation, appointing the right team

Do you have all the insight you need to appoint the right team to lead your People function transformation?

Any form of change can be disrupting to your team. Even the smallest change can cause concern and certainly wholesale transformation can impact both your people and potentially the service provided to managers and colleagues.  Therefore, getting it right first time is critical.  At InFocus HR we’ve gained experience within three global organisations. Covering both the private and charity/public sector. As a result we’ve supported a wide range of people transformation programmes.

M&A Leadership Assessment

Is your organisation planning potential M&A (mergers & acquisition) activity as part of it’s strategic plan? Do you understand how you will combine any new leadership teams?  Knowing skills, behaviour and experience is key, however understanding a persons impact and contribution will be critical for successful integration.

Bringing together any new leadership team can be problematic. Whether that’s the team leading the new organisation or teams within the business leading different functions its critical to get the team right.  At InFocus HR we’ve gained global in mergers and acquisitions. As a result we’ve supported a wide range of discussions around appointing a new leadership team.