Engagement, Culture & High Performing Teams – webinar

I was pleased to join the Rencai Group webinar as a panel member, providing my insights into employee engagement, the importance of culture and how to build high performing teams. Whether you are an HR practitioner or business manager working in an SMB business and wondering how you can support the areas of engagement, culture and high performance in the current climate then it would be worth a listen.

You can access a complimentary copy of the webinar via this link.

InFocus HR Consulting is a proud partner of the Rencai Group who provide support to SMB businesses in the areas of employee engagement, leadership development and people strategy.

Business Savvy HR

In this recent blog for https://refind.co.uk/ our Director, Ian Williams talks to James Cumming (MD at re:find) about why its so important for HR/People teams to take a more business savvy approach to running their function

InFocus HR Consulting brings global experience of implementing business processes and a business savvy mindset to HR/People teams, contact us for a chat or more information.

HR Chief Operating Officer, fancy role title or critical need?

Having been in two HR Chief Operating Officer (HR COO) roles in the past, it was interesting to read a recent Gartner research article on the ‘5 Imperatives of the HR Model of the Future’.  Whilst the core elements of the Ulrich model are still required i.e. Shared Services / Centres of Excellence and a revised BP role (which moves into a Strategic Talent Partner) the key call out was the need for an HR COO role.

Allow your time to be an asset, not a burden

Some people will tell you that control is an illusion and, right now, it feels hard to argue with that. We are witnessing extraordinary times, in which unexpected, radical change seem to be a daily occurrence. But even in the most trying circumstances, there are things we can control How we choose to use the time at our disposal is one of these.

As a board member for Association for Project Management (APM), I know just how familiar project professionals are with the concept of ‘expecting the unexpected.’ That mantra works when it comes to managing timelines, resources, budget, risk and all the other elements that contribute to a plan, but it isn’t projects that are being disrupted now; it’s lives. Many project professionals are finding their careers derailed through no fault of their own and this is, understandably, very hard to deal with; not only from a financial point of view but an emotional one too.

People/HR Transformation, appointing the right candidates to deliver the expected results…

Do you have all the team insight you need to support your HR/People function transformation appointments?

Any form of team transformation is disrupting to your people, even the smallest change can cause concern and certainly wholesale transformation can impact both your people and potentially the service provided to managers and colleagues.  Therefore, getting it right first time is critical.  As a senior HR practitioner who has worked in three global organisations across both the private and charity/public sector I have been involved in my fair share of people/hr transformations

Plan, Do, Review… or just planning?

We should all be familiar with the concept of plan, do, review.  Yes?

Certainly from my own experience HR now seems to spend more time planning.  I facilitated the delivery of my first people plan back in 2010 when I was based in Asia as Regional HR COO for a large global bank.  At the time it wasn’t new for the bank but it was certainly new for the HR team in the region, and of surprise to our Business and Finance colleagues!

Since then I’ve facilitated, supported and delivered countless HR/People plans and I know from various discussions with peers in other organisations that HR are planning more frequently.  So that’s all good, right?

M&A Leadership Assessment

Is your organisation planning a potential acquisition or merger as part of its 2020 strategic plan? Do you understand how you will combine any new leadership teams?  Knowing skills, behaviour and experience is key, however understanding a persons impact will be critical for successful integration.