About Us

Our Partners

InFocus HR is proud to work with some great partners.  Our carefully chosen partners work closely with our clients to provide a range of complementary people services.  At times we may work together for clients who have a big project or need access to multiple resources, therefore for a client we can support your requirements, big or small.  Feel free to contact them directly or speak to us and we can make appropriate connections. 

Our Clients

At InFocus HR we love working with our clients. As associates or via direct engagement we’ve supported global organisations going through significant growth through to PE backed small family run businesses. The ask from our clients has been varied, for example we’ve supported a business with their organisational design as well as helping them agree new role profiles and performance management. Likewise we have helped a fast growing UK/EU business with aligning their employment policies more closely with their brand. As a result the policies are now more employee and manager friendly.

Who are we?

InFocus HR Consulting was founded by Ian Williams, our Chief Strategist. Ian will undertake any initial consultations and as a result will support the majority of our clients directly. Therefore, depending on your specific need we also have access to a range of associates and partners. We’ve worked hard to ensure they align to our ways of thinking and values, so come and find out who we are!