Our Services

Focusing on our services

At InFocus HR we provide a range of services, giving expert advice and solution for the following areas:

  • operational delivery in the people function, including technology
  • business management, so for example – strategy & planning, finance, risk, project delivery, supplier management, business continuity and analytics
  • organisation design for small and medium size businesses
  • mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, integrations and divestments

We offer advice and solutions that are simple, pragmatic and focused on the end user. Our view is that life is complicated enough already. Likewise, with our global experience we can provide single solutions or tailored to local needs. If we can’t help directly we work with a range of trusted partners who provide a range of services.

If you have a question please feel free to use the contact us form and one of the team will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Better Business Decisions

The GC Index® (a.k.a. The Game-Changing Index) is the organimetric that empowers organisations to drive performance and achieve innovation by creating game-changing teams and cultures.

The GC Index® is a radical re-think of how organisations identify and nurture key talent; identifying how people at all levels in organisations make their best impact. The insight from The GC Index® could help you in:

  • Gaining unique insight on how your people make an impact i.e., are they in the right role?
  • Improving business outcomes
  • Creating a common language across the business
  • Increasing individual performance
  • Increasing team performance 
  • Making more informed and accurate people decisions

InFocus HR is a proud GC Index® partner. We provide a number of bespoke solutions to support Leadership insight and decision making around mergers, acquisitions, strategy delivery and planning.

People Technology

People technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. As well as full cloud HR solutions there’s a range of smaller providers offering technology for every part of the people function. As a result it can be really confusing to work out what is needed and how to optimise what you’ve already invested in.  InFocus HR can provide interim/consulting support to help you work through the requirements and successfully get the business case approved and a vendor appointed. For bigger or more complex programmes we can recommend one of our trusted partners.

Business Management

So, why is it important to build business management thinking into your people function? We’ve talked for a long time about needing to understand the organisational context, the CIPD released an interesting pod cast in 2012 on this subject. Therefore, building our own knowledge is critical if the function is to succeed in delivering the organisations strategy & plans.  Too often though we don’t operate the function with a business mindset.  InFocus HR can provide interim/consulting support providing tailored solutions to support your need.

People Operations

At InFocus HR we have a track record of starting and/or improving people operations. Firstly, we can support from starting a new service through to a wider review. This could be the implementation of a shared services solution. Secondly, if your focus is on getting the ‘basics right’ or providing value added services we can help. More importantly, no matter the location or the services we will provide customer focused, simple and cost effective solutions. When delivering support for more complex assignments we can leverage our range of trusted partners.

Mergers, Acquisitions, Integrations, Divestments

A 2011 Harvard report suggested that 70 to 90% of mergers & acquisitions fail to achieve their stated aims. Also a 2019 Forbes article on the importance of due diligence highlights the need to focus on people. At InFocus HR we have lots of experience in the people elements of M&A activity. We have seen the impact it can have on deal success or failure in any size organisation. Let us help you in developing and delivering a successful people stream within your M&A activity.

Organisation Design

Organisation design can mean many different things. Put simply though, it’s making sure that all the ‘building blocks’ of an organisation are aligned to deliver the strategic plan. At InFocus we use a simple organisation design approach that is driven by employees and managers. The aim being to avoid ‘the annual / bi-annual’ organisation design activity which can be so disruptive to the organisation. We also use insight from The GC Index to support decision makers on appointments to new roles and teams.