Business Management

Building credibility is critical if the function is to succeed in delivering the organisational ask.  Too often though we don’t operate the function with a business mindset.  InFocus HR can provide direct interim/consulting support providing tailored solutions to support your need

A range of support options could include:

  • HR Chief Operating Officer role and leading a wide range of HR Business Management functions and operational HR set up and delivery
  • Risk management covering high-level risk assessment, risk frameworks, risk controls, role of HR in tier one and tier two risk management
  • Attending senior level risk committees to represent HR and working with organisational risk colleagues to support both their strategic aims and those of HR
  • Collaboration with Heads of Audit to ensure alignment between audit and HR, ensuring insight, audit action resolution and planning is shared between the two functions
  • A robust financial controls process for HR that works alongside the organisational finance team but focuses on the specific needs of HR – budgeting, forecasting, finance management and business case delivery to secure additional HR budgets/investment
  • Supplier services management to ensure effective management of HR supplier costs, appropriate escalation routes, conducting service reviews and broader supplier contract controls 
  • Business Continuity Plans that ensure HR continues to function in times of both natural and man-made crisis
  • Setting out the business case for why HR Directors should invest in appropriate resources to deliver timely insight to the organisation that doesn’t have to rely on delivered HR systems reports only
  • Delivery of HR Strategy/People planning and the management of HR programme/project offices and project pools to ensure the output of the plans are delivered on time and to budget
  • Attending Board and Senior level investment committees to secure additional annual and ad hoc funding to deliver HR plans
  • Representing HR at various senior level committees include Information Governance, Data Governance, Programme Boards, Cross Functional Delivery Boards
  • Lean process management and delivery of workshops that map as-is and to-be activities in order to deliver effective, efficient and risk controlled HR processes
  • Engaging line manager and employees by leveraging Lean process improvement, ‘voice of the customer’, user lead design and policy simplification to support improved service delivery 
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