GC Index

The GC Index® (a.k.a. The Game-Changing Index) is the organimetric that empowers organisations to drive performance and achieve innovation by creating game-changing teams and cultures.  InFocus HR is partner to The GC Index® and provides a number of bespoke solutions

Mergers & Acquisition Leadership Assessment

A successful merger and acquisition strategy can be an effective way of growing an organisation, either through acquisition of new customers, services or talent.  However, between 70% and 90% (Harvard Business Review) fail to meet the expected business case.  Whilst there can be many reasons for this high-level of failure, one common thread is people.

Leading an acquired or merged organisation can test the skills of the most accomplished leaders and leadership teams.  This solution helps those accountable for deals to understand the impact and contribution to organisational success the current leaders/leadership teams have, as well as determining where there might be key gaps.

M&A Leadership Assessment

HR Transformation Setting up for Success

Using the GC Index at an individual and/or team level to support senior HR/People leaders to deliver improved organisational design changes.  By adding in the additional focus of energy alongside skills, knowledge and behaviour HR/People leaders will be able to make more inform decisions on both the organisational design but also who to appoint into role, or who to appoint into the wider team to ensure that key individuals have the right support around them in order to be successful

HR Transformation Setting up for Success

Successful People Strategy and Plan Delivery

Whilst some people/HR teams will be fortunate enough to have dedicated resources to lead and manage delivery of the plan the majority will leverage the existing resources busy undertaking their day job and therefore balancing the needs of both.  Those same resources may also be technical experts in reward, talent, learning or employee relations but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have the inclination to lead and deliver the change.

Whilst it’s important to ensure those resources have the right technical (people/HR) skills and also the right project/change delivery capabilities there may still be challenges or failure to deliver if there isn’t the right balance of inclinations within the team

Using the GC Index to understand those team members who may be better suited to implementing change, or improving the status quo versus those who are able to assess and define the future or identify that one new idea to give your organisation the competitive advantage may be the difference between delivering a successful people/HR strategy and plan and failure….

People Strategy Planning Workshop

Assessing a Team for Successful Delivery of a People Plan

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