People Analytics

Analytics continues to be a priority for organisations and people teams. however the volume of data that’s now available poses new challenges.  InFocus HR can provide direct consulting support or can leverage from a range of partners to provide tailored  support to you need

Advice and solutions can be provided in any one of the following areas depending on need:

  • Generating the investment/business case for the creation of HR/People data analytics roles / teams
  • Building stakeholder credibility in HR/People data analytics teams and the insight they deliver
  • Benchmarking both HR/People operations and policies with external organisations and peer groups
  • Creating interim HR/People data bases (that don’t need a core HR platform) to generate insight and provide meaningful reporting
  • Leveraging best in class suppliers to take a range of internal data sources and generating insight to a level that can be used for influencing Chief Executive and Board level colleagues
  • Challenging the overuse of pre-delivered HR technology delivered reports and focusing resources on delivering insight and data that supports resolving genuine business challenges
  • Leveraging data from a variety of sources outside of HR such as Finance, Procurement, Marketing to deliver meaningful business insight and providing evidence to back up or disprove long held beliefs 
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