People Shared Services

Many organisations have leverage the benefits of implementing People/HR Shared Services, however with on-going cost and service delivery pressures there are opportunities to further enhance and embed your service centre offering. 

Advice and solutions can be provided in any one of the following areas depending on need:

  • Driving the business case, securing funding and subsequent implementation of various HR/People Shared Services models within both the UK and overseas, encompassing a wide variety of business drivers including cost reduction, service improvement, risk control and a wide variety of delivery models both internal and external
  • Assessing and implementing decisions to insource or outsource various elements of HR/People delivery including:
    • International mobility management
    • Payroll
    • Contingent worker management
  • Defining strategies for leveraging existing HR/People Shared Services capability to deliver new and/or value added services i.e. international mobility management, HR analytics, supplier management
  • Benchmarking HR/People Shared Services using services such as Saratoga
  • Migration of employee data and services into HR/People Shared Services following acquisition or business restructuring
  • Merger and acquisition HR/People Shared Services due diligence, business case preparation and integration planning and delivery
  • Short term transitional service agreements and outsourced solution delivery of key HR/People Shared Services activities to respond to pressing business needs
  • Detailed understanding of shared service delivery models covering traditional transactional activity such as HR/People administration and payroll as well as value added / specialist HR/People shared services such as employee relations advisory, recruitment, learning support, international mobility and HR/People analytics
  • Understanding and leveraging opportunities to on-shore, near-shore or off-shore operational activity both internally and via external supplier organisations
  • Leveraging Lean process improvement, ‘voice of the customer’, user lead design and policy simplification to support shared services implementation and transition 
  • Managing channel strategies such as intranet, telephony and self-service
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