People Operations

At InFocus HR we have a track record of starting and/or improving people operations. Firstly, we can support from starting a new service through to a wider review. This could be the implementation of a shared services solution. Secondly, if your focus is on getting the ‘basics right’ or providing value added services we can help. More importantly, no matter the location or the services we will provide customer focused, simple and cost effective solutions. When delivering support for more complex assignments we can leverage our range of trusted partners.

So, what do we mean by People Operations?

Firstly, when we talk about people operations we also mean shared services. Effectively it’s the delivery of any people activity outside of business partners or centres of expertise. The Ulrich Model describes operations activity under Administrative Expert, however at InFocus we don’t really like the term administrative. We think it undermines the value that operations brings to both the function and an organisation. People operations can be made up of many different services, including:

  • Basics – although technology can automate a lot of this, but for example:
    • payroll and likewise pay reviews
    • employee and job data
    • employee contracts
    • life cycle activity such as joiners, movers and leavers
    • benefits administration, so for example health and pensions
    • recruitment admin so for instance interview booking
    • learning administration, so for example course booking
  • Value Added – so services that require a conversation with the end user. They can be more complex in nature:
    • end to end recruitment
    • employee relations advice
    • global mobility
    • e-learning creation
    • redundancy and outplacement support
    • talent and succession planning
  • Support – services to support operational delivery such as:
    • people technology
    • channel strategy i.e. chat bots, telephone etc.
    • managing suppliers
    • improving processes

How can InFocus help you?

Every organisation has a different need based on size, complexity, locations, maturity etc. At InFocus we provide solutions that are customer focused, cost effective and risk controlled. We also like simple solutions, working life is complicated enough already. Here are some of the ways in which we could help:

  • Identifying the ideal end user experience and turning that into simple user journeys.
  • Reviewing current services and recommending any changes.
  • Introducing new services
  • Creating requirements for a single operations/shared services team, and gathering feedback from all key stakeholders.
  • Building an investment case for implementing a new service or combined services.
  • Creating a compelling narrative to secure senior/board level agreement to the investment.
  • Options for delivering the services: 
    • Internally
    • Outsourced (including support to find the right partner)
    • Mixture of both
  • Programme / project set up and delivery.
  • Using The GC Index to create the ideal team for running a new service.
  • Change management support across the organisation, employee groups and geographies.