Mergers, Acquisitions, Integrations, Divestments

A 2011 Harvard report suggested that 70 to 90% of mergers & acquisitions fail to achieve their stated aims. Also a 2019 Forbes article on the importance of due diligence highlights the need to focus on people. At InFocus HR we have lots of experience in the people elements of M&A activity. We have seen the impact it can have on deal success or failure in any size organisation. Let us help you in developing and delivering a successful people stream within your M&A activity.

So, how can we help your mergers & acquisition activity?

We have lots of experience within mergers, acquisitions, integrations and divestments. Support can be tailored to a specific activity or we can provide full end to end people support. Below are examples of when and how we can help:

  • Input key people elements into an Information Memorandum.
  • Physical & virtual Data Room creation and management.
  • Due Diligence for both the people and the people function.
  • Creating and presenting Management Briefings to executive boards on people issues.
  • Managing the people elements Sales & Purchase Agreements.
  • Working with legal teams to determine Warranties & Indemnities.
  • Communications & Employee Engagement.
  • Day one Change of Control planning and delivery.
  • Mergers & Acquisition Training for your people team.

What does Integration support mean?

Integration planning should start before the deal completes. In order to define the final business case understanding the cost of people integration is key. At InFocus HR we can help you with:

  • Terms & conditions alignment as a result of acquiring new employees.
  • Transition of people services & technology, including Transitional Services Agreements (TSA’s)
  • Leadership team assessment and appointment using The GC Index
  • Benefits realisation and tracking.

Looking to undertake a divestment?

Should your organisation be looking to divest of a business or assets we can also support. This could be end to end project management or support for specific activity:

  • All of the M&A activity as listed, but as the seller rather than buyer.
  • Subsequent legal entity restructuring for the retained or transitioning organisation.
  • Transition of people services as a result of the deal. In addition to providing any TSA’s as required.
  • Transferring employees in addition to the exit of non-acquired employees.

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