Organisational Design

Having the right organisational design in place ensures that the building blocks of the organisation i.e. its behaviours, processes, structures and roles are aligned to create an effective, successful organisation that is set up correctly to deliver it strategy both now and in the future.

  • Documenting the organisational As-Is in a RAG format that’s easy to engage with and communicate
  • Through collaborative workshops and meetings mapping the current processes and activities being undertaken and collating supporting data around volumes
  • Benchmarking key metrics with external organisations and peer groups
  • Defining a Value Chain and building different organisational models that effectively deliver the processes required to day and in the future
  • Creating job descriptions and structure charts aligned to the agreed operating model
  • Undertaking impact analysis to determine how each person will be impacted by the changes and defining an implementation model
  • Agreeing effective KPI’s and measures of success to ensure successful implementation and embedding 

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