People Technology

People technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. As well as full cloud HR solutions there’s a range of smaller providers offering technology for every part of the people function. As a result it can be really confusing to work out what is needed and how to optimise what you’ve already invested in.  InFocus HR can provide interim/consulting support to help you work through the requirements and successfully get the business case approved and a vendor appointed. For bigger or more complex programmes we can recommend one of our trusted partners.

So, how can we help with your people technology needs?

People technology continues to evolve so quickly, and keeping up with the changes can be difficult. There is also lots research however, we like this 2020 survey from PWC for its simplicity. It can still be difficult though to chose the right solution from over 4,000 different providers! At InFocus we have lots of experience in assessing technology needs for people functions. For example we can help you identify the need through to appointing a vendor. We can offer a range of support depending on your need:

  • Identifying the ideal end user experience and turning that into simple user journeys.
  • Creating requirements, and gathering feedback from all key stakeholders.
  • Building an investment case for implementing new technology.
  • Creating a compelling narrative to secure senior/board level agreement to the investment.
  • Procurement of both the technology provider(s) and also an implementation partner:
    • Request for Proposal (RFP)
    • Vendor selection and negotiation
  • Programme / project set up and delivery across design, build, test and implementation.
  • Using The GC Index to create the ideal team for implementing the technology.
  • Change management support across the organisation, employee groups and geographies.

What if the technology is already in place?

Implementing new technology can be expensive, so you need to make sure it delivers the benefits . At InFocus we can advise on options for ensuring high end user take up and benefits delivery:

  • Post implementation review and providing a range of options for increasing usage.
  • Using an Adoption Solution for on-going support, user training and policy information.
  • Creating good working relationships with Information Technology to align plans.
  • Defining a technology roadmap so that future investment needs are identified and can be planned for, including the important upgrades.
  • Using good supplier management principles.

If you would like further information or support on technology within a people function then please complete the contact form below and one of the InFocus team will be in touch!