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The GC Index helping individuals understand their impact and collaboration

The GC Index® (a.k.a. The Game-Changing Index) is the organimetric that empowers organisations to drive performance and achieve innovation by creating game-changing teams and cultures.

The GC Index® is a radical re-think of how organisations identify and nurture key talent; identifying how people at all levels in organisations make their best impact. The insight from The GC Index® could help you in:

  • Gaining unique insight on how your people make an impact i.e., are they in the right role?
  • Improving business outcomes
  • Creating a common language across the business
  • Increasing individual performance
  • Increasing team performance 
  • Making more informed and accurate people decisions

InFocus HR is a proud GC Index® partner. We provide a number of bespoke solutions to support Leadership insight and decision making around mergers, acquisitions, strategy delivery and planning.

So what is The GC Index?

The GC Index® is a common language and framework. It identifies five key ways in which people can make an impact and contribution to a role, team and/or organisation. This short video gives you a good introduction to The GC Index

Using our in-house GCologist, we can leverage The GC Index to provide decision makers with insight in the following areas:

Mergers & Acquisition Leadership Assessment

A successful M&A strategy can be an effective way of growing an organisation, either through acquisition of new customers, services or talent.  However, between 70% and 90% (Harvard Business Review) fail to meet the expected business case.  Whilst there may be a number of reasons for failure, poor people decisions are a leading factor.

Leading an acquired or merged organisation can test the skills of the most accomplished leaders and leadership teams.  Our M&A Leadership Assessment helps decision makers understand individual impact and collaboration. As a result they can make more informed decisions on future leaders/leadership teams.

Click on this link to see how we use The GC Index for post acquisition leadership decision making: M&A Leadership Assessment

Transformation Setting up for Success

Undertaking any big transformation programme requires the right leadership team to be in place. Whilst experience is critical, having a leadership team that work well together in terms of impact can result in better outcomes. Currently decision makers can only leverage experience and psychometrics, using The GC Index gives additional context.

Using the Transformation Setting up for Success tool we can provide decision makers with additional information. For example, if the transformation is to implement leading edge technology then having a balance of Game Changers & Implementors can set the programme up for success. Likewise if the transformation is improving an existing people service then a balance of Strategists and Polishers can deliver outstanding results.

Click on this link to see how we can help you with your HR Transformation Setting up for Success

Successful People Strategy and Plan Delivery

Some people teams will have dedicated resources to lead and manage delivery of their strategy & plan. However, a majority will use existing people who are busy with their day job whilst trying to balance project work.  Meanwhile same people may also be experts in reward, talent, learning or employee relations. Consequently that might mean they don’t have the inclination to lead and deliver change.

So whilst it’s important to ensure your team have the right technical skills in addition to the right project/change skills there may still be failure to deliver. In other words, if there isn’t the right balance of impact and collaboration within the team they may not work well together.

We use The GC Index to better understand those team members delivering the strategy & plan. For instance, who may be better suited to implementing change? Likewise, who may be better at improving the status quo? Or who may be able to assess and define the future or in a similar vein identify that one new idea to give your function improved customer service? This may be the difference between delivering a successful people strategy & plan and failure….

Click on this link to see how we can help you when Assessing a Team for Successful Delivery of a People Plan

Click on this link to see how we can help you with actually defining your People Strategy

Want to know more?

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