Maintaining your mental well-being

Some people will tell you that control is an illusion and, right now, it feels hard to argue with that. We are witnessing extraordinary times, in which unexpected, radical change seem to be a daily occurrence. But even in the most trying circumstances, there are things we can control. How we choose to use the time at our disposal is one of these.

As a board member for Association for Project Management (APM), I know just how familiar project professionals are with the concept of ‘expecting the unexpected.’ That mantra works when it comes to managing timelines, resources, budget, risk and all the other elements that contribute to a plan, but it isn’t projects that are being disrupted now; it’s lives. Many project professionals are finding their careers derailed through no fault of their own and this is, understandably, very hard to deal with; not only from a financial point of view but an emotional one too.