Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestments & Integrations

Mergers, acquisitions, divestments and integrations continue to be a part of most organisations strategic plans.  They provide a unique but challenging opportunity for People/HR functions and InFocus HR can provide direct consulting support tailored to your need

Services that can be provided for any form of deal structure (Joint Ventures, Asset Sales, Strategic Alliances, Spin Offs, Stock/Share/Equity transactions):

  • Creation of Information Memorandum (People elements)
  • Data Room – creation and management of physical and virtual rooms
  • Due Diligence – as acquirer and divestor
  • Management presentations to executive boards
  • Sales & Purchase Agreements
  • Warranties & Indemnities
  • Transitionary Service Agreements (TSA’s)
  • Communications & Employee Engagement
  • Integration Strategy, Planning & Delivery – merging & implementing terms and conditions of employment, employee surveys, transition to acquiring HR services, Change of Control, revised management structures, benefits realisation
  • Divestment Strategy, Planning & Delivery – legal entity restructuring, transition of employees, systems and suppliers, exit of non-acquired employees
  • Mergers & Acquisition Training 

Notable Deals Supported & Delivered:

  • Acquisition of a European card payment provider for €90m (Netherlands – 2004)
  • Acquisition of a UK cash machine provider for £80m (UK – 2004)
  • Acquisition of a USA card payment provider for $525m, with 850 staff (USA – 2004)
  • Asset ‘carve out’ of the card services business from a Connecticut, USA Bank (USA – 2004)
  • Acquisition of a UK based stolen vehicle recovery business (UK – 2005)
  • Integration of a European Insurance business (2005), On-line Payment provide (2005), cash machine provider (UK – 2004)
  • Equity stake of £1.7bn and Joint Venture creation with a Chinese Bank (China – 2005)
  • Joint Venture between a global bank and a commodities trading company (USA – 2007)
  • Acquisition of a Global Bank for €71bn and asset allocation across the 3 consortium partners (Global – 2007)
  • Divestment of an Asian Retail bank assets to an Australian bank for $550m (Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam & Philippines – 2009)
  • Divestment of a Pakistan Bank for £34m (Pakistan – 2010)
  • Divestment of a Retail & Commercial Bank in China to a Singaporean Bank (China – 2010)
  • Divestment of a Retail & Commercial Bank in India to a Global Bank (India – 2010)
  • Divestment & Outsource of an internal Property Services team to a global property firm across Asia (2011)
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